Eastern European Revival

Mary Potter's - Sermon

Sermon - April 2013

Mary's heroic pioneering work in the foundation of the Swiss and Polish Occupational Therapy Associations are a matter of public record and private memory. Her tireless, loving and expert care for handicapped children was evident to anyone who saw her with them. Her gracious and gentle hospitality were appreciated by all who received it. Her gentle and quiet spirit was noticed by all who met her and commented on by many.

Not all saw her rich, quick and intelligent sense of humor, which she retained even when suffering dementia. My memories of Mary feature the many times we laughed hysterically and helplessly and the running jokes we shared for decades. These united us in a childlike and sometimes even naughty happiness.

Before we were married Mary and I were very good friends for 2 years. Then we had 34 years of the ups and downs, the joys and stresses of married life that most people experience plus some unique ones. We were 20 years apart in age but not in spirit. In the last year we became very good friends again. In some ways the last year was the best, bringing us back to the lovely starting point of our relationship.

Most of us have come here today to say "See you later" to Mary because we believe in and expect the resurrection of the dead. Jesus conquered and destroyed death by his death on the Cross and rose from the grave to show us something of what our eternal lives will be like: touching, eating, drinking, thinking, talking, working, being creative, serving and inviting one another for ever in God's presence.

Let us pray: Our dear kind Father in Heaven, we thank you for Mary. We thank you for all the creative and healing work you did through her. We thank you that you have called her to be Your child and have given her such a deep assurance of belonging to You. We pray that our memories of Mary will encourage us in the goodness of our own lives. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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